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​ Even adults love stuffed animals

Fluffy Communications provides services to meet the needs of adults who love stuffed animals.

To be able to love themselves as they are and disclose to others that they "love stuffed animals," regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc.

We aim to create a community of well-being, tolerant, and independent adults who can empathize with those around them and recognize each other's interests and individuality.

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​Fluffy  Nursery School

Since its launch in August 2022, more than 150 children have been enrolled in this authentic nursery school for stuffed animals. The children report to their families in handwritten contact sheets on how they made friends with stuffed animals from other families and enjoyed their time at the preschool, including the entrance ceremony, physical measurements, and club activities. Held irregularly about 10 times a year.


Planning and teaching of training

We are available to plan and teach corporate training programs such as well-being, diversity and inclusion (DE&I), team building, and onboarding of mid-career employees for venture companies. We also have over 10 years of experience in career courses for university students and job interview preparation and entry sheet correction for job hunters.

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Clothing & Accessories for stuffed animals

The company produces and sells clothes worn by stuffedanimals and accessaries such as bags. The company consists mainly of members who graduated from sewing schools, and offers clothing and accessories in three sizes for daily use. We sell our products at exhibitions held several times a year and online.

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​Research activities related to stuffed animals

​Research at the Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM) at Keio University focuses on the relationship between stuffed animals and people, and the mysterious power that stuffed animals have over people. My goal is to become the first stuffed animal doctor in the world.

​Communication Planner for Stuffed animals
Researcher of stuffed animals

​金子花菜 Hana Kaneko

In 2007, graduated from Tsuda College

After working for AstraZeneca, Dentsu, and GO,

In 2021,  entered the Graduate School of System Design and Management at Keio University, majoring in Well-being Management in Takashi Maeno's laboratory.

Started Fluffy Communications in 2022.

Completed Keio SDM in March 2023 (Bachelor of System Design and Management)

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​Inquiries for interviews and lectures

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